DIVI Message Bots

Local Access Numbers

Nigeria 234-818-878-2004
Ghana 233-556-949-359
Italy 39-439-003-2006
United States 1-321-222-6280
Canada 1-443-833-0168
United Kingdom 44-786-005-7293
Australia 61-480-025-492
Netherlands 31-970-1026-3992
Costa Rica 506-8315-0775
Israel 972-559-879-638

Multi-Language Support

The Bots will attempt to pre-determine the language of preference based on the country you are accessing from. To override this (for a Spanish speaking person in the USA for example) the person needs to send one message in the language they speak and it will set for future transactions. For example, the Spanish speaking person in the USA will need to send "depositar" or "enviar" one time so that the system can save their language as Spanish.

English Spanish
Italian Hebrew
Dutch (soon...)  

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